About Mentis

Mentis structure and its advantages
Chereneva Elena
Head of the Mentis project
Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Special Psychology of KSPU named after. V.P. Astafiev. General Director of the Center for Personal Development "GRAIL". Member of the public council on social issues under the Administration of the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Education: clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, speech therapist.
International internships at universities and rehabilitation centers in China, USA, France.
Specialist in cognitive disorders in children and adults, practicing clinical psychologist-consultant in the field of family psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults.

Specializes in the analysis of personality, behavior and interpersonal relationships.
An expert in the differential diagnosis of autism and similar disorders (mental retardation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, speech disorders, etc.).
Author and implementer of government projects to support people’s quality of life: “Comprehensive system of assistance to children and adults with autism”, “Dementia prevention”, “Neurocognitive rehabilitation of patients after stroke”, etc.

Co-author of patents and inventions:
1.    A method for color correction of neurometabolism disorders in the cerebral cortex.
2.  A method for the prevention of cognitive impairment in patients with cerebral infarction through the use of hypoxic-hypercapnic breathing training
3.  Method of neurocorrection of mild cognitive impairment in the elderly

Author of more than 200 scientific papers in the field of diagnosis, correction and support of children and adults with developmental problems.
Mentis structure
Mentis. Clinic of Memory

Mentis. Clinic of Memory allows you to:
1. Remotely monitor both the patient and his personal changes with the help of artificial intelligence to improve personal hygiene.
2. Improve personalized care and support – big data analytics of the location and patient’s medical history to predict and track new hidden risks and chronic diseases.
Mentis. Clinic of Memory can be used by psychologists in the course of rehabilitation programs for a patient with MCI. It is also an additional digital tool for training at home (for example, doing homework).

General physician is the most important person in the multidisciplinary team in the cognitive rehabilitation of the patient with MCI. His goal is to determine the severity of cognitive health disorders and choose the appropriate assistance strategies. During the council, interdisciplinary approach is used to make a decision about the choice of a strategy for neurocognitive rehabilitation.
Mentis. Psy-Campus
Psy-Campus is an environment of educational programs for specialists accompanying patients with cognitive impairments, researchers (graduate students, doctoral students), students, volunteers and other professionals.
Mentis. Psy-Business
Psy-Business – programs to support and improve the cognitive skills of business employees.
Benefits of Mentis
Using the Mentis information system, developed on the basis of scientific neuropsychological methodology, will allow you to quickly and accurately assess the cognitive state of patients and study participants.

An automated system of results of individual diagnostics of cognitive functions allows you to monitor changes and provide timely neurocognitive rehabilitation.
Remotely monitor patients and personal changes using artificial intelligence to improve personal hygiene.

Improve personalized treatment and support - analyze large volumes of data on the location and medical history of patients to predict and track new hidden risks and chronic diseases.
I knew that I would help people since childhood
The history of the birth of the Mentis project
There has always been a research interest in people. It was especially interesting to observe the changes that occurred to a person and analyze the factors that influence the changes. A significant place in the study of man was occupied by the study of happiness and ways to create success. This served as the basis for the formation of a scientific direction in the study of the quality of human life and the mechanisms of its formation.
The beginning of the research path was developed at the University, as well as in practical activities with children who have problems with speech, intelligence and behavior.

Professional activity in the field of cognitive health disorders in children and adults has created the opportunity to form our own concept of personality analysis in normal and pathological conditions, and to identify resources for the development of life potential. A special focus of the study is cognitive health and its impact on the processes of social success. The ultimate goal of our practical activity is the personal happiness of the patient.